Customized software solutions include applications that can be fine-tuned to streamline client’s businesses and/or integrate into their existing systems. The endeavor is to provide solutions to enable clients scale greater heights.Whilst meeting the present market needs becoming paramount, anticipating emerging market and addressing them proves to be imperative. The business growth is nurtured by being receptive and responsive toclients’ business interest in realizing returns on investments.
Our Solutions Are

Danasys Accounting System
DANASYS is an Integrated Accounting System with extensive General Ledger, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Asset and Activity based Costing, Product Profitability and Departmental Costing.

netGURU e-Learning System

netGURU e-Learning System is a Web-based Server Software Application that enables a complete e-Education enterprise including online teaching and learning, campus communities, and institutional services. 

netOFFICE Office Management System

netOFFICE is an innovative Web-Based Intranet System for office management that facilitates Communication, Business Processes and collaboration among users in an organization. This system functions both in Internet and Intranet environment. netOFFICE provides the organization with technology, security, and ideal framework structure and enables the organization to exchange information faster, more efficiently which ultimately leads to higher productivity. 
netCOLLEGE College Management System
netCOLLEGE is a web-based system that manages information for institutes of higher education. This system aims to provide a comprehensive and practical guide to managing information, accounts, students and logistics of the campus environment. netCOLLEGE will deliver reports and analysis to the exact requirements of the Management.

netADMIN Administration System

netADMIN is a solution designed to make SMS a powerful communication tool for business. It enables to compose, send & receive SMS messages to groups or individual recipients on the Mobile Network.
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