We provide a range of advanced oracle database services that include expertise in integrating new technology and contingency plans for efficient database management. Our approach in solving critical and time-sensitive issues is focused and structured, delivering pre-defined DBA task, and accelerating DBA skill transfer.
DBXpert's training is not solely about features, functions, or re-hashed manuals. Rather they are about instilling specifically what you need to know to excel in your career and discharging Oracle related job responsibilities effectively.
Oracle Database Tuning Services
Server, Network and Disk Tuning
Identify overloaded CPU, excessive memory swapping, disk I/O bottlenecks and network contention that will impact the database performance.
Instance Tuning
Review the Oracle initialization parameters to ensure that the database SGA has been properly configured. This phase of Oracle tuning is directed at looking for resource shortages in the db_block_buffers, shared_pool_size and sort_area_size. We will also investigate important default parameters for Oracle such as optimizer_mode.
Object Tuning
Look at the setting for Oracle tables and indexes. Settings such as pctfree, pctused and freelists can have a dramatic impact on Oracle performance.
SQL Tuning
Identify SQL statements having significant performance bottleneck (inefficient SQLs) and poor indexing schemes being deployed. Tune each statement by carefully reviewing the execution plan for the SQL and adjusting the execution using Oracle hints.
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